Thursday, October 14, 2010

Win your very own Oasis Getaway!

Would you love to have your very own custom wall mural like this? The chance could be yours!

 Two easy steps to win:
 1. Sign up today to be included in our next Olee Kids eblast

2. Post a comment below with either your email address or your blog link--or both! We all love free PR, so the more info you give, the more I will tweet about you! Please include what you would make your mural of!

  Here's what one of our friends said about their custom mural:

"I was sitting here in the office admiring it last night and wishing I could be there! I love the fact that I can daydream away...everyday, because of this amazing wall art. LOVE IT!  Thanks again."-Courtney Hutson

To read more about the mural and review,
check out her blog below and you could win twice!!!


  1. Signed up for the emails.

    My blog is

    I think I would make the mural out of a photo I have at the ocean in Wrightsville Beach, NC. We went there the day after being told my daughter would pass away (she was 11). It was her wish to go to the ocean and I feel very connected to her now when I think of the ocean. Yes, that's what I'd do. I'd do it in honor of her 18th birthday.

    Thank you.

    (Ummm...why was my captcha "hated"? LOL

  2. We like your idea! What is the captcha you are referring to?

  3. When you post a comment, you have your blog set up to give a captcha for security/spam reasons. It puts up a different word each time. Mine the last time was hated. Hmphhhhh! LOl

  4. Already sign up by email :)
    in my grandma's house theres no have wall art,and 4 lil kids live there-,- very nice if we had mural as entertainment venues such as with corrousel, clown, swingplane, etc :D
    wulanseries at gmail dot com

  5. Signed for email! I would love to have a mural of a photo I took when out in WA of Crescent Lake - I love it out there and can probably never afford to move.

    jbafaith2001 at yahoo dot com